Today it is my last complete day in the children's home, so I stayed in the home the whole day. I have seen the girl's daily dancing lessons for the first time. Sylvia is the best dancer so she teaches the other girls dances. The dancing lessons were completely different than I had expected. Sylvia is very strict and the girls have to do the dance again every time one of them makes a mistake, even just a twirl to the wrong side. Kristina and Ashmita, the smallest girls do one dance together and the bigger girls, including Sylvia, do one dance together. Sylvia has one dance by herself as well. 

We played the same games as before but also played Octopus: you have to run to the other side of the yard without getting tagged by the person in the middle of the yard. You can only run to the other side when this person has yelled 'Octopus!!!' When you get tagged you have to stand in the place where you got tagged and move your arms like an octopus. While you do this you have to try to tag the others. It was fun because we finally played a different game then hide-and-seek and because the bigger boys also participated.