Last day at the house


Today I will leave the house. Quickly after I woke up I learned my dad's plane was delayed because an airplane had skidded off the runway into the grass at the airport in Kathmandu. Eventually this caused me to stay in the house the whole day  (till 8 pm) while I was supposed to leave at 9 am.

I did have a fun time at the house today and I am going to miss it here. Today Iman hang a rope from the roof outside so the kids could climb up the 'balcony'. This was an great idea and nobody got hurt. I also played a game with Rummikub and of course hide-and-seek and octopus.

Eventually I went to the guesthouse. Because it was dark the 4 big boys walked me to the Valley Guesthouse. They also carried my luggage and had to lift it most of the time because the road was too bumpy. This was so sweet of them! Because we were in a bit of a hurry I forgot to give them the Stroopwafels to thank them for letting me stay with them. So I guess I have to go back some time next week and give them the Stroopwafels (and my old phone). 

Dad arrived later in the evening. The first thing I did when I got to my room was.... SHOWER!!! Now that I'm finally clean again I will go to bed early (I don't have a thin mattress anymore!).