Mother's Day


I met the cook of the house for the first time this morning. I walked downstairs and walked around the corner and didn't expect to see anyone. She didn't either and we were both a bit startled, but she still gave me breakfast.

Because today it is Mother's Day in Nepal Bini got presents from all the kids. There was also a special show. First the 4 'big boys' preformed as a band, then a smaller boy named Dawa sang a Nepalese song. I thought this performance was the best. There was more singing, dancing and thanking Bini for being such a great mother. Bini also sang a song and told the children why it is so important to celebrate Mother's Day: for all the kids who don't have mothers.

This afternoon I went to the Stupa together with Sylvia and the daughter of the cook. On our way there a beggar followed me a long time. She kept kissing my feet and I felt uncomfortable. A woman then yelled at the beggar and she stopped. At the Stupa I was supposed to pay for a ticket, but I was planning on changing money at the Stupa. I was let through and had to pay on my way out. The rest of the day I played with the smaller children: mainly Tridom (phonetic) which is mostly like playing tag. I haven't had to work hard yet. So far I only have had to play with the kids.