Last night I was woken up by a storm. The rain and lightning where loud because of the corrugated iron roof. When the storm was over I slept again for a while. When I woke up again it was morning. I went downstairs. To my surprise the breakfast existed from pancakes. They were just like the ones in the Netherlands. Yummy!!!

The rest of the day I played with the kids. Their favorite game is hide-and-seek and I enjoy this game as well. I also visited the Valley Guesthouse with Sylvia. It is the Guesthouse were I will be staying next week and Iman ('father') thought it would be nice for me to see it and meet Martine, the Dutch owner of the Guesthouse. The Guesthouse isn't far from the children's home. Sadly Martine was at home and not in the Guesthouse.

Living a 'simpler' live isn't uncomfortable and maybe even more relaxed than at home. The only things I miss are a shower and an toilet (here the toilet is just a hole in the ground).