Thamel + Durbar square


This morning Iman asked me if I wanted to go to Durbar square with him. We left immediately after the breakfast. First we went to Thamel with a taxi. Thamel is the touristic area in Kathmandu with lots of stores for hiking equipment and souvenir shops. We walked around for a bit and then got in a riksja, this is similar to a tuktuk, and we went to Durbar square. When we got to Durbar square. Here I got a map with some pictures and information. However, the pictures were completely different from the actual temples. Iman explained that the earthquake had destroyed or damaged many temples. In one temple there even was a blood bank and the whole temple collapsed. All the people who were giving blood died. We could still admire some buildings and temples which were only damaged. We went to the house of the Kumari: the living godess. I didn't see the godess herself but was told she is only 4 years old and will be replaced when she is a teenager. When we left the building I bumped my head because the doorway was too low. Then we walked to the actual square and drank some milk tea. Milk tea is a typical drink in Nepal. We also went inside the palace, but we could only see the courtyard because they were repairing the building (it was damaged during the earthquake). After this we went back to Thamel. While we walked back to the area where taxi's can come we looked for some rope so Iman could make something for the kids to climb. When we found rope it was only sold in complete bundles. Iman thought this was too much so we didn't buy any rope. We went back to the house by taxi.

When we arrived back Iman decided it was time for an inspection day. Every day each child has to clean a different area. During inspection day these areas are inspected to see if they are clean and the children who failed to clean their area get punished. Only one passed the inspection (Munish). The punishment for the others was to clean the other house on the property. Everyone helped and I carried the water to the house with some of the younger children. When we were finished I also had to clean my room and I passed the inpection! The rest of the day existed from watching tv (because it rained) and playing hide-and-seek.